We live in an era where everyone is free to use the internet or a computer. New technology is digitizing our lives at an ever-increasing pace, and recently we have seen the birth of Bitcoin.

In fact, we would say Bitcoin is a unique and particularly interesting one, and once we started getting into it we really couldn’t stop. We saw the potential Bitcoin has to change our future and understood it as a technology that could empower people in new and exciting ways.

Bitcoin and the technologies spawning around it are virtually certain to grow with tremendous momentum. How could anyone ignore something so interesting growing right in front of them?

Bitcoin has nothing to do with vested interests, either. It exists in a free-flowing space where startups like ours have the advantage. We have an opportunity to build entirely new and different systems.

Question the old order. Question the “standard practice.” Ask yourself why, find your answers, and ask yourself why again. We provide the environment in that space to let you take on what challenges you, to build something new, tear it down, and build it again better. And our team is here to help you, too.

Sit back and relax, give Bitcoin a try with us. We can build together the systems the world is going to need in the new era of tomorrow. Join us!

Shun Usami


Be Nice.

We want to create good vibes for our friends, our users, and for society as a whole. Kindness and acceptance are key, but so is candor. We will speak our minds in our work and create our own good vibes, too.

Don’t Wait.

No cold feet and no flinching! Do, think, repeat. In all our work we take ownership for the future of Yenom. We take action and go all out!

What's Best?

Direct your efforts into action.
Pride is worthless, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.
Pursue only what is best for society, our product, and our team.

Think Why.

Start with a blank slate, no preconceptions. Are we compromising? Are we convinced we’re doing what’s best? In our work we continuously ask ourselves these questions until we are satisfied with the answers.


When in doubt, throw it out. Deciding not do something is just as important to getting things done, and once we reach a decision we follow through to the end, concentrating our forces, creating an opening, and driving through to the finish.

If you’d like to know more about the backdrop behind our mission and values, or about Yenom itself...